Kenya Government

Kenya Government

The Republic of Kenya has 47 Counties. Each county has several Constituencies in it. And each constituency has several Wards.

Kenya is a multi-party democracy with three arms of government. They are the Executive, the National Assembly and the Judiciary. The country’s Constitution declares a President as both Head of State and Head of Government in the Executive. Several cabinet ministers have been appointed to run ministries.

The Judiciary arm of government is run by a Chief Justice of the Judicial system. It is structured with lower courts, high courts and the supreme court spread out all over the country.

The National Assembly is split into two categories – a lower Assembly with Members of Parliament who represent citizens from various constituencies and a higher Assembly with Senators who represent citizens at the county level.

Kenya is run by a central government at a country level and 47 county governments at a devolved level. While the central government is run by the President, each county government is run by a Governor who works with an Assembly at the ward level. Those elected at the ward level are known as Member of County Assembly. They create county laws, make decision on annual county budgets and operations for the Governor to effect.

Kenya’s central government boasts of :

~the second fastest internet speed on the African content,

~free maternal health care for expectant and new mothers,

~it runs the  fifth largest, yet cheapest, universal health care fund (N.H.I.F) in Africa which subsidizes up to 100% of medical bills in all public hospitals and mortuary.

~the government also runs a free citizen-friendly help desk countrywide known as “Huduma”,

~it subsidized electricity bills for residential usage and has achieved overy 85% electricity accessibility all over the country

~free public primary education, free public secondary education, highly subsidized tertiary education for technical courses amongst other benefits.

Finally, the government is currently focused to ensure it achieves Universal Healthcare, Universal Housing, Manufacturing and Food Security. We at NCHIYETU wish them well.